The first testament of the illuminati


illuminatiam is an identification into the brotherwood. Every member lives in riches and abundance. Every member for the advancement of the human species.Those who hold and regularly study the testament and follow the tenets never go astray,they continually live in abundance. The continuance of the human species is very paramount to us. Every illuminatiam member must always contribute to the advancement of the human species. When you get illuminated you will see why this is important for keeping your riches and wealth.

Anyone can manifest anything in their lives by using the powers of both
intention and dedication. Both are required — one cannot thrive without the
other. A person who is poor but believes they should be rich, and who knows
that they are destined for wealth, and who strives for success every day
without ceasing in the face of hardships, will receive the money they require.

Long live the illuminati long live the human species.

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